Is switching your pension provider the right thing to do?

Is switching your pension provider the right thing to do? Have you recently reviewed and switched your energy supplier, maybe your broadband, telephone networks or perhaps your insurance providers? How about your pension? More and more people are reviewing their pension pots and switching their investments to an alternative pension provider. Though it can appear […]

John Tamblin Financial Services: COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to impact the global community, I want to personally update you on the steps John Tamblin Financial Services have taken to ensure business continuity for all our customers. Based on guidance from the World Health Organization, we have augmented our already robust Business Continuity Plan with specific steps to account […]

Top three things that investors need to pay attention to

Investors need to take a pretty broad view of events at the moment. Certain countries, such as Germany, and certain sectors, such as manufacturing, are going into recession, with the slowdown in global trade having a major effect. On the other hand, other parts of the world economy are actually doing well – consumer spending […]

Getting to grips with the residence nil rate band

‘The residence nil rate band is too complex and people struggle to understand it’. These were the findings of Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) in their report on simplifying inheritance tax. The residence nil rate band (RNRB) attracted more comments than any other area of IHT during the review. However, the OTS concluded that as […]

Helping Grandchildren Achieve a Debt Free Degree

Over 500,000 students are expected take up places at UK universities this year. But their excitement can be tempered by the thought of how they are going to pay their way. Student loans are available, but the possibility of facing debt in excess of £50,000 at the end of their course can be a worry. […]

Five funding tips for Pensions

For those who are already aware of what it takes to save for a comfortable retirement, here are five funding tips for pensions on how you can get even more value from your pension savings: 1. The ‘couples’ annual allowance of up to £80,000 Wealthier people whose options are constrained by cuts to both lifetime […]

John Tamblin Financial Advisor receives Certificate of Excellence

John Tamblin of John Tamblin Financial Services based in Kendal, Cumbria has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the referral website VouchedFor. VouchedFor have very high standards and check all financial advisers against the Financial Conduct Authority Register. They also make sure their education is checked, their fees are checked and they must confirm […]

Should you take 25% of your pension tax free?

If you are 55-years-old or over and have the right type of pension, then you can take from it as much or as little money as you like, including the whole lot in one go – if that is what you choose to do. As you probably know, you can take the first 25% of […]

Isn’t it time you thought about retiring? Retirement Plan Useful Tips

Ok, so the dream of retiring young enough that you still have your health to enable you to maximise those golden years is, well let’s face it, exactly that. A dream. For most, if you ask them at what age would they wish to retire, more often than not they answer “Retire?!? I can’t ever […]

The Risks of Long-term Cash Savings

Recent economic and political events have undoubtedly made people nervous regarding their personal finances. Stories of market falls, risky investments and low returns mean many people are choosing to keep large amounts of their savings in cash as they believe it to be less risky than other investment options. Yet often they fail to consider the […]

10 Things You Need To Know About The Residence Nil Rate Band

Your family could save as much £140,000 in Inheritance Tax (IHT) when the family home passes to children on death. The new IHT Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) will be introduced in April 2017. It is in addition to an individual’s own nil rate band of £325,000, and conditional on the main residence being passed […]

Making Allowances for a Tax Efficient Retirement

The key to unlocking a tax efficient retirement income for you lies in ensuring that your tax allowances have been maximised. Paying less tax will mean your savings will last longer in retirement and potentially provide a greater legacy for your loved ones. Allowances on offer There are allowances of £26,700 up for grabs this […]

The tricky business of profit extraction

From 6 April 2016, dividends received will be taxed differently. The dividend changes will strengthen the case for business owners using pension contributions to extract profits from their company tax efficiently. Many directors of small and medium sized companies may be facing an increased tax bill next year as a result of how dividends will […]

Retirement income – breaking the habit of a lifetime

Pensions and retirement income are synonymous with one another. The first thing most people will think about when considering their income in retirement will be their pension. But with the new pension freedoms it isn’t necessarily the first place they should turn to when deciding where to draw their retirement income from. It is now […]

What is the Future Role for Annuities?

Proposed reforms to the contribution pension system as announced in the Budget 2014 has meant that from April 2015, millions of people reaching retirement age will have much greater choice in how to spend their pension pot. In fact, they will be able to spend their accumulated pension pot any way they wish. Given the […]